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  1. Lemon Oil 6040 NAT.
  2. Coconut Milk Flavour 1712 NAT NA-WS
  3. Fresh Cream Flavour 20002 NAT
  4. Non-Dairy Butter Cookie Flavour 4428-TS
  5. Butter Flavour 4024/300M-TS
  6. Banana Flavour 1107 Nat. NA-WS
  7. Vanilla Extract Powder Flavour 1028M Natural
  8. Hazelnut Flavour 3046 TS NA-WS
  9. Chocolate Powder Flavour 4950 Natural
  10. Banana Flavour 1107 Nat. NA-TR-WS
  11. Chocolate Dark Flavour 1814 NAT
  12. Lemon Curd Flavour 1082 - Natural
  13. Rum Flavour 2528 NA
  14. Hazelnut Flavour 3058/2001
  15. Hazelnut Powder Flavour 3058/2001
  16. Caramel Vanilla Flavour 2250
  17. Butter Caramel Flavour 4063
  18. Butter Caramel Flavour 4003
  19. Dark Chocolate Flavour 1818 TS-OS
  20. Vanilla Bean Flavour 1127/200 NAT.NA-WS
  21. Yoghurt Flavour 1957 Nat. NA-WS
  22. Coffee Extract Arabica Flavour 1226 Nat. NA-WS
  23. Malted Milk Flavour 2001 Nat. NA-WS
  24. Orange Juicy Flavour Booster NAT-WS
  25. Hand Sanitiser 9988/70


The coming years will see VK Creative maximising its potential. VK Creative intends to penetrate a new market every two years. The world is our market and we are looking for distributors to help us to market our products.

Our strong manufacturing position with 4 factories in Johor, Malaysia and base in Singapore enable us to service a worldwide business. Our strength lies in our prompt delivery for all our standard flavours.

VK Creative has developed a complete range of vanilla powders with the best sellers such as Vanilla Powder 1005, 1025, 1022, 1040, Ethyl Vanillin Powder 1015, 1055 and Vanillin Powder VS100 which is a replacement for Vanillin. It gives a fuller and sweeter flavour profile because it is a compounded flavour compare to the single chemical vanillin.

Vanilla Extract Powder 1038, 1028 contains natural Vanilla oleoresin. Therefore, it imparts a superior taste profile. It is an ideal flavour for premium ice-cream, vanilla cookies and chocolate products.

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All Ex-Stock standard and VFM flavours will be shipped within 48 hours upon confirmed order

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